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So just what do the Drakensberg Mountains offer. That's a question I am asked a lot. You see I am a Drakensberg lover, fanatic or whatever you like to call such people. I have visited nearly every spot in the Drakensberg Mountains and have walked nearly every hiking trail that the Drakensberg has to offer. And I don't just mean that I just been there. I have walked the hikes and stayed at many of the little  guest houses and B&Bs that offer accommodation hidden in these so beautiful valleys.

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I have camped in the Drakensberg and slept in a number of the caves and boy have I seen some of the nooks and crannies that few other people have ever even thought about. And now with so many tourists discovering this beautiful paradise I would like my experience and knowledge of the Drakensberg region to be passed on to everyone interested in the Drakensberg Mountains.

Drakensberg mountainsSo that's what this site is about. The Drakensberg and every aspect of the Drakensberg that I know about. Sometimes I think that building this site was just an excuse to get out there and do some more walking and travel some more of the back roads that this so beautiful South Africa has to offer.  

The Drakensberg mountain range stretches the entire length of KwaZulu-Natal's western boundary. Hundreds of kilometers of unspoiled escarpment await the tourist who seeks to get away from it all.

The Natal Drakensberg is one of South Africa's most outstanding attractions which draws thousands of visitors annually to its scenic beauty, crisp mountain air and clear waters. 

Hiking in the Drakensburg Some come simply to relax, while others are drawn to pit their fitness against the many peaks. For nearly all the desire is to go just that little farther and get away from the sights smells and sounds of man made intrusions.

Central Drakensberg is a centre for tourism with resorts, b&bs, hotels, guest houses, self catering establishments, golfing, horse back trails,  hiking trails, 4x4 trails and much moreA huge range of accommodation can be reserved in the Drakensberg, including backpackers, guest houses, B&Bs, hotels and resorts. The region simply offers something for everyone. You will find heath spas and health hydros, opportunities for those unique romantic getaways and of course plenty of exciting  activities.

 Adventure activities in the Drakensberg region include hiking trails, bird watching, game viewing, horse trails and safaris, guided tours, 4x4 trails, quad bikes, golfing, trout / fly fishing, white water rafting, rock climbing to mention but a few. The Karkloof Canopy tour is the adventure activity that really excites me of late.

Giants Castle in the Central Drakensberg with its busman rock art and spectacular view is not to be missedAn spectacular offer of diverse culture and history is also presented to tourists. Visit the Battlefields and let the drama of history unfold itself in the company of a great guide. Then there is the Bushman rock art. Exquisite examples and the best preserved in South Africa

I prefer to stay in little places where you get to know the hosts personally and benefit from their experience of the area. So far I have only had great accommodation experiences in the Drakensberg region but one little place is still my favorite. I just love the Antbear Guest House hidden below Giants Castle in the secluded Bushman's River Valley (Even many of the locals aren't sure where the Antbear is, it's really secluded and has the most inspiring views of the Drakensberg!) There's nothing like being lulled to sleep by the silence of mountain air.

adventure activities in the DrakensbergThe Drakensberg has so much to offer everyone... warmth, sunshine, peace, relaxation, and plenty of valuable tourist attractions. Roast and laze in a sun chair or hike in the hills and peaks till your feet fell cramp.

So just what is my favorite of everything that the Drakensberg has to offer?

They all are! You see, every trail, every aspect, every part of the Drakensberg is different, each with its own qualities that makes it special.

Still, I'll try to answer that question as best and comprehensively as I can. 

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We have precious little left in the world that is still pristine and my appeal to all who use the Drakensberg is to leave it as they found it. Everybody has the right to enjoy it and nobody has the right to spoil it.


  • To all hikers I have met along the way. Thank you. I am always amazed by the friendliness of like minded people in the mountains.
  • Andrew and Conny Attwood of the Antbear Guest House for their good company, excellent food and taste in wine.
  • The internet guys "Site Build It" who made this whole thing possible. Special thanks Your product has made my life easy, I built this all just using the Site Build It tools. I did not even have to ask for support as the tools you provide are simple and straight forward to use and although I may not be that internet savvy I now feel like I am.
  • To Merle and Alison of Amakulu Central reservations. Thanks for you assistance help me to locate the really nice accommodation places in the Drakensberg.

OK, "enough chatter." Let's start Drakensberg ing ...

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Featured Drakensberg Accommodation and Activities

Antbear Guesthouse.
Guest house in the Drakensberg Mountains South Africa
Located near to Giants Castle the Antbear is a perfect base to explore the Drakensberg region. Hospitality, meals,, location and value for money makes the Antbear stand out

Sycamore Avenue.
Treehouse accommodation on the midlands Meander
Tree house accommodation in the Natal Midlands. An ideal spot for honeymooners and other romantics. The tree hose comes including a jacuzzi and fireplace up in the air.

Vergezient Mountain Retreat
Vergezient Mountain Retreat - Northern Drakensberg Accommodation
Superb  farm house accommodation with the best views of the  Northern Drakensberg

Palmswift Guesthouse
Palmswift Guesthouse - B&B accommodation in Winterton
Affordable B&B accommodation ideal to explore the Central Drakensberg

On Air Helicopter Tours.
Drakensberg helicopter tours, flights and safaris
Helicopter Tours based at Cathedral Peak Hotel.

Drakensberg hot air ballooning.
Drakensberg hot air balloon flights
Airborn Adventures offers stunning hot air balloon rides in the Kamberg Valley.



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